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  • Quick Tips: Part 3 - DWI/DUI Texas Court Process

    Step 3: TRIAL The DWI trial usually takes one to two days, but could be longer if it is a felony DWI. If it is a guilty verdict, you has the right to have the punishment decided by a Jury or Judge. Most DWI lawyers recommend that the Jury decide the facts of the case, and the Judge decide the punishment. First stage of trial – “Voir Dire” or jury selection. During this process that each lawyer and ...
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  • Quick Tips: Part 2 - DWI/DUI Texas Court Process

    Step 2: PRE-TRIAL COURT DATES There will be at least one, and sometimes several court appearances. The accused party’s appearance at these court settings is usually mandatory, and occur before the actual trial. Most of the courts call these settings “No-Issue” settings. It gives the attorney time to review the prosecutor’s file to take notes from the police officer’s report and see the evidence ...
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  • Quick Tips: Part 1 - DWI/DUI Texas Court Process

    STEP 1: ARRAIGNMENT The formal court case generally begins with an “Arraignment” setting. In some counties this court date will be mailed by the court. Others, will generally receive their court date at the time of their release from custody. Just because no one told the person arrested that they have a court date does not mean that individual will not be charged or they will not be going to court ...
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  • Quick Tips: Texas First Offense DWI/DUI

    A first offense DWI conviction is a class “B” Misdemeanor offense with the following penalties: A jail sentence of 72 hours, or if there was an open container in the vehicle at the time of the arrest, the jail sentence will be 6 days. The fine amount will be up to $2,000 plus associated court costs. Texas imposes a surcharge additional to the fine listed above in the amount of $1,000. You will ...
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  • Quick Facts: Divorce

    How long does it take to get a Divorce? The minimum amount of time that a divorce can be completed is 2 months. The Petition (official first step of a divorce) must be on file at least 60 days prior to a final divorce decree being entered. Can my spouse prevent me from getting a Divorce? A spouse CANNOT prevent the divorce from occurring, but does have the ability to delay the process.
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  • DWI/DUI: Texas Law Facts

    What is a DWI? Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is an alcohol and drug-related traffic offense that is a frequently prosecuted criminal offense with administrative penalties. Having alcohol, a drug, or a controlled substance in one’s body that causes the loss of normal use of mental or physical faculties is considered intoxication. Additionally, intoxication is met if the alcohol concentration in a ...
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  • Quick Tip: Field Sobriety Tests

    Should I tell the Officer that I don’t want to do the Field Sobriety Test? Sometimes it can be quite difficult to decide in the moment what to do, especially when you are panicked and your heart is racing! In our professional opinion, you should not attempt to perform these tests. If the Officer asks you to do any tests (stand on one leg, heel-toe walk, recite alphabet), just say that you will ...
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