Building A Secure Plan For You And Your Family's Future

Are you looking to provide for your family's future? Or are you responsible for resolving the estate of a loved one who has passed away? In either situation, trusted, vigilant counsel is highly recommended. Texas estate planning laws can be complex and not every citizen is aware of their legal options in either of these sensitive matters.

At Shelander Law Offices in Beaumont, we're well-versed in the concerns, the challenges and the goals clients have when facing estate planning matters. Whether you need to organize and secure your estate or are in need of probation assistance following the difficult loss of a loved one, we are ready to provide thorough counsel that makes swift solutions (and peace of mind) an absolute priority.

Does Your Estate Plan Meet Your Needs?

Many people do not have an estate plan, and many of those who do have a plan, will not adequately protect their assets or their family. An estate plan is more than just a last will and testament. Consider all of these options as you are building yours:

  • Wills and trusts: These are the best tools for securing your assets and providing for your family should something happen to you. Utilizing the right combination of wills and trusts can minimize challenges your family will face following your death.
  • Powers of attorney: Both medical and financial power of attorney are necessary to ensure you are cared for should something happen to you. When you are unable to make your own health care or financial decisions, these name someone you trust to make these vital decisions on your behalf.
  • Special needs trusts: When you have a loved one who needs special care or attention following your death, setting up a special needs trust is crucial to keeping them secure.
  • Naming beneficiaries and transferring ownership: Some assets can be passed to your loved ones without going through the probate process. These include some bank accounts, real property, retirement assets and insurance policies.

Our attorneys work closely with you to determine what combination of estate planning tools is best to meet your needs.

Have You Lost A Loved One? Let Us Guide You Through The Probate Process.

Probate is the process of resolving an estate of an individual who has passed away. This considerable responsibility is usually tasked to the will's executor and can come with many pitfalls — many of which can be avoided or remedied with proper legal counsel.

Whether you are in need of assistance through the probate process or you are looking to build your own estate plan, reach out to our firm for trusted advice and guidance. Our lawyers put over 40 years of experience to work for you — call 409-234-1479 for a free phone consultation, or reach us online to get started.