How Relocating Might Change Your Custody Agreement

If you have gone through a divorce or custody battle in the past, your challenges are far from over. When you need to relocate, as many people do when they receive a new job offer, you may need to revisit your custody arrangement to accommodate for this change.

For over 40 years, Shelander Law Offices has provided trusted family law services that protect both the child's best interests and the parent's rights. Our lawyers work closely with you to facilitate a smooth relocation that does not negatively impact your child.

How Far Are You Moving?

Unless your custody agreement states otherwise, you are generally allowed to move up to one county away without having to alter your custody terms. If you are moving across Texas or to another state, you will most likely need to modify your child custody agreement, unless you get explicit permission from the other parent.

What Are Your Options?

The simplest solution would be to gain approval from the other parent. If you attempt to move without approval, the other parent could file a motion to restrict you from moving until a hearing is held.

If you do need to change your custody agreement, you may be able to retain a similar arrangement as before. Judges typically prefer that children have a relationship with both parents through joint custody, but the exact terms vary case by case.

We Can Help You Keep Your Family Whole

Whether you resolve your dispute in or out of court, we are firm in our commitment to protecting your parental rights and ensuring you are able to move without losing time with your child. When you require a child custody modification, our attorneys advocate for a change that is best for your child, just as we would during divorce proceedings. Our primary goal is to set you and your family up for success in your next chapter.

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