Heartfelt Counsel During Difficult Divorces

Divorce by definition is the process of legally terminating a marriage, but at its core it can be an opportunity for a family to start new. Although filing for divorce can seem like a straightforward procedure, the emotional and sensitive nature of these types of cases can result in decisions made in haste, spite or retaliation.

Do not be tempted to take actions that could cause you to look back in regret; rather, choose to work with the caring and qualified divorce attorneys at Shelander Law Offices. We know how to guide your steps to the most positive resolution possible, tackling all issues such as:

Located in Beaumont, our lawyers work hard to make this process as easy as possible for you, so you and your family can start your new chapter in the best position possible.

Strategies Designed For Your Success

Many of our clients come to our firm after facing life-changing events that could alter their family makeup and dynamic. Your divorce does not have to be heated or combative — we focus our efforts on utilizing a collaborative, nonlitigious approach to resolve your issue as quickly, effectively and affordably as possible.

As experienced trial lawyers, however, we are always prepared to try your case in court if all other avenues have been exhausted. No matter the situation, we work tirelessly to secure the results you need.

Proactive, Honest And Compassionate Attorneys

From simple, uncontested divorces to contentious divorces involving large amounts of assets; Shelander Law Offices can handle it all. We know Texas's divorce laws and understand how the legal nuances and intricacies play in to your specific case. And every step along the way, our attorneys work with you personally to relieve much of the uncertainty and worry that come with divorce.

We offer free phone consultations for you to learn more about our services and to see if Shelander Law Offices is right for you. Reach out online to schedule your appointment, or call 409-234-1479 to get started.