Divorce Vs. Annulment In Texas

A divorce and an annulment are both ways to end a marriage in Texas. However, in order to be granted a legal annulment, the marriage must not have been legally valid in the first place. There are certain situations where an annulment may apply, it is important to have experienced legal counsel on your side to help you explore your options.

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When May A Marriage Be Annulled?

A marriage may be considered legally invalid for any number of reasons, including:

  • One or both parties are underage
  • One or both parties were intoxicated
  • One or both parties were legally married at the time of the current marriage
  • The marriage is considered to be incestuous
  • The marriage was forced
  • A party did not have the mental capacity to consent to marriage
  • One party withheld crucial information from the other party

Why Seek An Annulment Over A Divorce?

In some of the circumstances listed above, an annulment may be the best way to dissolve the marriage. In other circumstances, a person may choose either an annulment or a traditional divorce. A person may prefer an annulment due to religious beliefs or other personal reasons.

An annulment effectively wipes the slate clean. It is as if the marriage never existed. A person who has had a marriage annulled can legally state that he or she was never married. However, an annulment does not effectively resolve all of the obligations the parties may owe to one another. Child custody, child support and property division matters may still need to be decided by the courts. That is why having an experienced lawyer in your corner is essential.

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