Protecting Your Interests In High-Asset Divorce Cases

For couples with significant assets, the property division aspect of divorce can get complicated quickly. Thorough asset identification, classification and valuation are essential to ensuring a fair and equitable division of property.

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Identifying Assets

When a couple has a large number of assets, it may be tempting for one spouse to attempt to hide assets such as in an overseas bank account. We work closely with forensic accountants and other experts to help identify assets and uncover any that are hidden to help achieve a fair property division agreement.

Asset And Business Valuation

It is relatively simple to determine the value of an asset such as a home. Things become more difficult when considering the monetary value of family heirlooms, or a business or professional practice. In order to properly determine the value of such items, it may be necessary to secure the services of specially trained accountants and financial experts. We have access to these resources to help us develop a true picture of financial worth.

Comprehensive Divorce Representation

In addition to handling property division, we can also help with all other aspects of your divorce case, including matters involving child custody and visitation, and divorce cases involving prenuptial agreements.

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