What To Do After A Car Accident

At Shelander Law Offices, we are here to help you through the moments following a serious car accident. It's normal to be worried, even afraid, and unsure of what to do first. While our attorneys are always available for a phone call, these are some of the first steps you should keep in mind following a car crash.

1. Seek medical treatment immediately

Your health should be your No. 1 priority. Even if you don't think you are injured, you should seek medical attention to be sure you are healthy. This can prevent serious symptoms from developing in the future, but can also help your case should you need to file a personal injury claim. If you wait too long to seek treatment, you could have some fault in the severity of your injuries, decreasing your available compensation.

2. Gather information

Call the police and begin gathering information from all the parties involved in the crash, as well as any witnesses. Take down license plate numbers, phone numbers and insurance information when available so you have all the information you need to file your claim and seek compensation from the appropriate source.

3. Take photos

Photos of the crash could present enough evidence to prove your case and secure the compensation you need. Don't be afraid to take too many pictures — they could be used to show both the severity of the accident, as well as any fault the other driver may have had.

4. Talk to your insurance company

Be sure to notify your insurance company following your accident. Provide all the details of your accident, and submit any police reports when available — and do not lie about anything. Lying to insurance companies for the sake of getting more money from them could be considered insurance fraud, and may get your claim denied in full.

5. Don't be tempted to settle

Insurance companies are almost always looking out for their own bottom line rather than your health and best interests. That means their first offers, while tempting, are often well below what you need to fully recover. Never accept an offer without first consulting in an experienced attorney.

Shelander Law Offices Is Here To Fight For You

The best way to ensure you are following every step properly following your accident is to seek knowledgeable legal counsel right away. Located in Beaumont, the lawyers at Shelander Law Offices have secured substantial compensation for Texas car accident victims, and will work with you personally to secure every penny you deserve for your injuries.

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