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Are you having similar problems in your marriage?

Like parenthood, marriage is often a simultaneously rewarding yet challenging experience. When you marry the love of your life, it's difficult to fathom that your relationship may decline one day; in fact, it might end in divorce. There's really no way to tell which marriages will last a lifetime and which will cave under the many pressures and problems that arise over time.  

Spouses who divorce often find they have a lot in common regarding the types of issues that prompted them to end their marriages in court. While encountering a serious problem in your marriage doesn't necessarily mean you will automatically get divorced, if you and your spouse continually face certain issues, it might increase the possibility. It's a good idea to know ahead of time where to seek support in case a divorce does occur. 

Causal factors 

Just as couples who have been married 50 years may be able to speak of common experiences among themselves or give advice to couples recently married as to how to strengthen their bonds, if you and your spouse are going through specific problems in your marriage, you may relate to others who have traveled similar paths. The following list shows some of the most frequently reported reasons that married couples in Texas, and elsewhere, get divorced:  

  • Many spouses say they drifted apart and no longer felt companionship with each other. 
  • Infidelity is a common problem among married couples who divorce. 
  • Alcohol and drug abuse can cause a lot of tension and various other problems in a marriage.
  • Domestic violence is another issue that ranks high on lists for reasons people divorce. 
  • If you've been married many years, you and your spouse may have taken different directions in life, perhaps no longer feeling as though you are compatible. This, too, is often a cause of divorce. 

While it's true that not every instance where a spouse has cheated or is struggling with addiction leads to divorce, it's also true, however, that such issues often cause irreparable damage in a marriage. If you have children, it's up to you to weigh the balance as to whether it is best to try to rise above your marital problems and persevere or to file divorce papers and lay the groundwork for a new, separate lifestyle from your spouse.  

There is help available      

There are many resources available to help couples discuss and find possible solutions for their marriage problems. There are also advocates who can provide guidance and support when legal complications arise for those who determine that getting divorced is their most viable option.

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