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How can I get through the holidays during my divorce?

If you are newly separated and awaiting a divorce, you may have barely gotten through Thanksgiving by pasting a fake smile on your face that fooled nobody. It's likely that you are dreading the upcoming winter holidays as well.

Take a deep breath. You can, and will, get through them. These holiday survival tips may be helpful:

Embrace joy

That may sound impossible right now, but crying over a loss never changed anything. Dig down deep and find some small thing to celebrate. You may be without a spouse, but if you have children, parents, siblings, extended family and friends, you already have something worthy of celebration.

Focus on others

Even if you have no one special with whom to share your holidays, it doesn't mean that you have to spend them solo. There are myriad organizations who desperately need volunteers around the holidays. You can focus on helping others by volunteering to serve a holiday meal to the homeless or the elderly. Distribute gifts at a nursing home or offer to adopt a low-income family and make their holidays special. Even making treat bags for shelter pets can give your spirits a needed boost.

Exercise patience

This is especially vital for parents. If you have children, it's likely they are hurting right along with you due to the divorce. Don't shortchange their holiday experience because you are mired in grief. Spend time building new memories together.

Keep it simple

You don't have to serve a picture-perfect holiday meal on the fine china. In fact, you don't have to serve anything at all. Take relatives and well-meaning friends up on their offers to join them for a holiday meal or take the kids out to a nice restaurant and indulge them. Let them have two desserts -- they're bound to be thrilled and their joy can be contagious!

When the holidays are — finally — over, it's time to buckle down and do the work on your divorce case that will leave you best poised to enter a whole new phase of your life. Have questions? Your Beaumont family law attorney can address these and any concerns you may have about the process.

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