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How to avoid making your divorce unnecessarily expensive

If you are planning to go through a divorce in Texas, it is important that you take the adequate amount of time to reflect on what is important to you through this process. Some people place an importance on gaining custody of their children and being able to quickly and easily get a fresh start. Others place an emphasis on financial stability after a divorce, and they do not mind investing time and money in order to make this happen.

Understanding the financial impact of divorce

If you are planning to go through a divorce in Texas, there will be many different factors to consider before you take action. Of course, many of these factors will be primarily emotionally-driven. It is important to do what feels right for your future well-being and happiness, as well as for your children's.

Why you may want to hire a private judge to finalize your divorce

You may think that only movie stars, sports icons and business moguls hire private judges for their divorces and other civil legal matters. They do, of course. However, private judges are becoming more common -- not just in New York and California, but more recently in Texas and other states.

What are some signs a marriage is falling apart?

You have always known that divorce was a possibility, but now you're wondering just how likely it is. Are there any warning signs or red flags to alert you? How do you know if your marriage is on the rocks? You may have heard of people being honestly surprised when a "happy" spouse files for divorce. You do not want that to be you.

What can I do about my addicted ex supervising my kids?

If you're co-parenting with a former partner or spouse who is not actively seeking treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction, it can be frightening leaving the kids with him or her. You never know what might transpire if your ex is too impaired to properly supervise them or respond to emergencies.

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