Criminal Defense Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Shelander Law Offices, located in Beaumont, has defended those accused of criminal charges in Texas for decades. You are entitled to defend your rights and your freedom before the criminal justice system, and we are here to be your ally during this difficult time.

When you are arrested, you are probably left with many questions. Our lawyers are always available for calls at 409-234-1479, and we offer free initial phone consultations to get started. Below are some of the answers to the questions we hear most often from clients.

What should I do if I'm arrested?

Always be respectful to law enforcement, but also decline to make any statements without an attorney present. Police will often try to coerce you into making confessions of guilt, or will keep you talking until you say something that could be used as evidence against you. You have the right to an attorney — and you should always make sure you exercise that right as soon as you are arrested for any crime.

Can I refuse a chemical sobriety test if I'm pulled over for drunk driving?

Texas has implied consent laws, which means that there are penalties to declining a chemical sobriety test. You will automatically lose your license for up to two years, regardless of whether you are convicted of DUI or not. While law enforcement cannot force you to take any test, it is recommended you take it, as the results could be disputed later in your case.

What should I tell police when they pull me over?

Be polite, but do not make any statements that could be used as evidence against you. The officer is most likely looking for probable cause to make an arrest. You have the right to consult in an attorney in these instances, and you should always request to do so.

Can't I just accept the charges? What if I can't afford an attorney?

The consequences are almost always far greater when you represent yourself or when you simply accept the charges. Sometimes, you will be given penalties much harsher than what you deserve for the crime. You should always consult in an attorney to make sure your rights are protected and that you receive a fair trial. Shelander Law Offices is committed to this, and offers flexible payment options for those who don't think they can afford representation.

Do I need a criminal defense attorney if I am guilty?

Yes. As mentioned above, even if you are guilty, you may be facing charges much more severe than what is right for your crime. Prosecutors may even try to convict you of aggravated charges, resulting in steep penalties, and it is difficult to defend yourself against these tactics. Only an experienced criminal defense lawyer can properly protect your rights.

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