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4 injured in Texas plane crash

Four people were injured when a plane crashed near the Hereford Municipal Airport in Hereford, Texas, recently.

The crash was under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB). The accident occurred around 11:40 a.m., on a Sunday morning as the Piper PA-32-30 was flying out of the airport.

Adding your ex's new significant other to the co-parenting mix

Your former spouse has a new significant other in their life. Your kids like this person and the feeling is mutual. While this is good for everyone, it's normal to have mixed feelings about the situation. However, it's important to get past whatever negative feelings you may harbor about someone who's now part of your life and your children's lives and work to help them be a positive force for your children.

Kids can never have too many adults in their lives who love them and have their best interests at heart. Therefore, just as you shouldn't criticize your co-parent in front of the kids, you shouldn't make negative comments about the new partner to or around them either. This means being polite and respectful to this person when you're together with the kids.

Why should paternity be established in Texas?

The birth of a baby should be one of the handful of greatest days in a person's life. You should want to announce it loudly and proudly, calling friends and sharing photos of the little one on social media. However, some unmarried fathers in Texas and throughout the United States try to avoid confirming they are a new daddy, thinking that it means they will be subject to child support immediately.

The most important reason to establish paternity, therefore, is to secure the mother's right to receive child support. Once paternity is determined, the state will seek to arrange a child support order for the mother.

Want to adopt your stepchild in Texas? Here's what's required

You met an amazing person on a blind date. Your friend was right. You two are perfect for each other.

A year later, you both decide to get married in a lovely Texas ceremony. The best part? Your spouse-to-be has an equally amazing child you cherish and want to help raise. You want to be that little one's parent in every sense.

Is there such a thing as an easy divorce?

If you are facing the prospect of divorce, you may have serious concerns about what you could encounter during this process. Most Texas readers want to move through the divorce process as quickly as possible, but there can be complications and it can be difficult to come to agreements. For some couples, however, there is an option that can make divorce a bit easier.

One of the alternatives you may consider is an uncontested divorce. This option actually does make this complex process a bit easier, but there are various things to consider before you move forward. In certain situations, uncontested divorce could be a truly beneficial and practical option.

Why would Texas couples sign a postnuptial agreement?

Before you walked down the aisle on that perfect fall Texas day a number of years ago, you didn't sign a prenuptial agreement.

After all, you were young. In love. And you barely could afford the tin cans that your friends tied to the back of your old junker before you drove away from the reception. Who needed a prenuptial agreement? Married life would be perfect, you knew.

Texas mother killed, kids injured in tragic accident

A Texas mother was killed on the first day of her children's school year when she was hit by a car in the elementary school parking lot.

The woman, identified as a 33-year-old Army veteran, was trying to protect her children from a car that was exiting the lot, authorities said.

Open adoption vs. closed adoption in Texas

Maybe you have a friend who went through the process of searching for their birth parents in Texas.

You undoubtedly have seen a TV movie where a confused teen finds out her mom wasn't the one who gave birth to her and sets out on a hunt for her "real" mom.

Knowing how to prepare yourself for the end of a marriage

It is no secret that going through the end of a marriage can be a stressful and daunting experience. If you and your spouse decide to part ways, the uncertainty of how the process will affect your life could leave you feeling somewhat intimidated and uncertain of how to proceed.

Like many others, you may have wed with the intention of remaining with your spouse throughout the remainder of life. However, this might not always be the outcome, and while a divorce could be the healthiest path to take, making the decision to end your marriage can be difficult.

It's never too soon to explain prenuptial agreements to kids

You have a list of things you want to talk about while meandering the Texas highways to take your child – your young adult – to college for the first time soon.

There's money management. The dangers of drinking and drugs. The importance of studying. The importance of not partying – too much. How to be a good roommate and make friends. And a certain three-letter word that starts with an S and ends in an X.

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