Open Adoption vs. Closed Adoption in Texas

Closed Adoptions in Texas 

Maybe you have a friend who went through the process of searching for their birth parents in Texas.

You undoubtedly have seen a TV movie where a confused teen finds out her mom wasn't the one who gave birth to her and sets out on a hunt for her "real" mom.

Years ago, almost all adoptions in the United States were closed adoptions. The birth parents and adoptive parents didn't keep in touch. In fact, in many cases, the identity of each party was cloaked in secrecy. Generations of children never knew their birth parents. They were whisked away at birth and given to a family waiting for them.

Today, closed domestic options are rare, but they're typically the rule in international adoptions.

Closed vs. Open Adoption 

Closed adoption - In a closed adoption, birth and adoption records are sealed, which means that the birth parents remain anonymous. Once adoptees turn 18, they can place their name on the Texas Vital Statistics Unit's Voluntary Central Adoption, which allows registered adult adoptees, birth parents, or siblings to find other registered family members.

Today, a majority of adoptions are open.

Open adoption - Open adoption often means that the birth mother meets a number of potential adoptive parents in advance and chooses the family for her baby. Many times, the adoptive parents are in the delivery room. Sometimes, the adoptive parents maintain a relationship with the birth mother, send photos, visit, and converse online.

The open adoption process gives the adoptive parents a window into their child's family medical history, and it also affords children the chance to know all the people in their lives. One of the potential negative side effects is the worry that adoptive parents have that birth parents somehow will try to intrude on the newly formed family.

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