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How to avoid common co-parenting mistakes

If you have recently gone through a divorce or separation, it is likely that you will be trying to work on your co-parenting relationship with the other parent of your children. It is never easy to have a good relationship with an ex, but it is important that you make an effort to do this so that your children can benefit as a result.

Dealing with interstate custody issues in Texas

If you are a parent in the state of Texas, and the other parent of your child lives in a different state, child custody arrangements can be more complex to work through. However, there are still laws in place that dictate how child custody issues can be dictated and enforced from state to state.

Common questions about child custody in Texas

If you are recently separated or divorced, it is likely that you are new to the process of child custody arrangements and modifications. All of the new information can feel overwhelming at first, but it is important to remember that the child custody courts in the state of Texas prioritize one thing: the best interests of the child in question.

Working with Texas courts to get custody

If you are unhappy with the current child custody setup you have with your children, it is possible that you do not know which way to turn. You may contemplate trying to negotiate with the other parent in the hopes that this will lead to change. If you already have a child custody agreement in place that involved the child custody courts in Texas, however, it is likely that going through the courts again is your only viable option.

Adding your ex's new significant other to the co-parenting mix

Your former spouse has a new significant other in their life. Your kids like this person and the feeling is mutual. While this is good for everyone, it's normal to have mixed feelings about the situation. However, it's important to get past whatever negative feelings you may harbor about someone who's now part of your life and your children's lives and work to help them be a positive force for your children.

Why should paternity be established in Texas?

The birth of a baby should be one of the handful of greatest days in a person's life. You should want to announce it loudly and proudly, calling friends and sharing photos of the little one on social media. However, some unmarried fathers in Texas and throughout the United States try to avoid confirming they are a new daddy, thinking that it means they will be subject to child support immediately.

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