Quick Tip: Field Sobriety Tests

Should I tell the Officer that I don’t want to do the Field Sobriety Test?

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to decide in the moment what to do, especially when you are panicked and your heart is racing! In our professional opinion, you should not attempt to perform these tests.

If the Officer asks you to do any tests (stand on one leg, heel-toe walk, recite alphabet), just say that you will gladly cooperate and are willing to do everything that you are required to do.

This response will require the Officer to explain that you are not required to do any of these tests. The Officer will not tell you that all the tests are completely voluntary, unless you ask.

Once you have been pulled over by the Officer, the likelihood of just receiving a citation and going home is slim. It does not benefit your case to provide the Officer with any evidence by admitting to drinking or by voluntarily taking any tests.